10 Facts About China’s ‘Mistress Killer’ Who Helps Cheated Wives

For 15 years, a woman in China whose real name is Zhang Yufen but has come to be referred to as the mistress killer has been out helping women whose men have been cheating on them to carry out revenge on the men. The woman became very popular in the country as a result of the number of women she has helped, and the number of men she has brought down.

Here are 7 things you should know about China’s Mistress Killer Who Helps Cheated Wives:

  1. She was cheated upon

Zhang Yufen began life as an ordinary and normal woman until the 1990s when she was cheated upon by her husband. What was even more unfortunate for her, was that she had been married to the man for up to 16 years before he left her. As a result of the betrayal she suffered and the heartbreak, the woman who would later be referred to as the mistress hunter decided to end adultery by exposing men involved and getting a pound of flesh for the cheated woman.

After getting married, Zhang and her husband decided to operate a single bank account. Nevertheless, after he cheated on her, the mistress killer’s husband decided to empty the joint account and leave her on her own with their son. The man left his family and decided to settle for the new woman and begin a family.

  1. It was her best friend that her husband left her for

For the next five years, the mistress killer was following and trying to track her husband down. When at last she was able to find the man, she got to realize it was for her best friend that he left her. It was not easy for her to track him down as for the next five years, he kept changing places whenever he got to know she was following him.

Zhang Yufen (Image Source)

The mistress hunter gathered all the information she was going to needed and with that, she requested for a divorce which was finally granted in 2007, and he was paid to pay her out.

  1. Alliance Against Mistresses

In 2003, the woman who is now headed for her 60s decided to found the Alliance against mistresses. This was the start of her campaign against women that decided to date married men. Probably the 5 years she spent tracking down her husband were years spent in the school of investigation as she became good with following and tracking down cheating men and their lovers.

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The Alliance soon became popular among women who needed detective work on their husbands when they suspect that they were cheating as well as advice when indeed the men were cheating. The name of her agency is known as the Fire Phoenix detective agency.

  1. How she gets justice done

In China, services such as the one she offers are considered illegal. As a result of that, she has always found her cases being thrown out of the courts. What is more is that sometimes all the evidence submitted to the courts somehow get to disappear mysteriously. But before anything, she is said to sometimes persuade the mistresses to leave the men alone.

Because of this, Zhang Yufen who has also been referred to as “China’s number one ladies’ detective” took it upon herself, if her clients want, to find the cheating husband and his mistress and exert revenge on the woman.  Even as she is known as the mistress killer, what she actually does is to beat up the mistress to a pulp and threaten them. Mistress beating in China is very popular, most especially by wives that have been cheated on, or people they hire to do the job for them.

  1. Some of her popular cases

Although she has been able to handle a lot of cases successfully, starting with herself, of course, there are a few that stand completely out. One of such involves a Chinese railway worker whose wife approached the Mistress killer for her services in an attempt to find out who her husband is cheating with. As it would turn out, her husband was actually cheating with as much as 17 women all in different parts of the country.

This case became highly popular as she also found out that the man was involved in corruption and was promoting his relatives indiscriminately in the railway system. Even though the woman who hired the mistress killer was able to get a divorce, the evidence gathered was not used in court.

Another case that she handled was one in which an elderly woman’s daughter took pesticide because her husband was cheating on her. The woman couldn’t take her husband to court since she didn’t have the sufficient evidence, as such they contacted the Mistress Killer.

  1. She has become rich and famous for it

When she first began, Zhang Yufen was all about charging a very little fee for the purpose of running the expenses. Although she was very successful in tracking down cheating men and their mistresses, she later had to shut down business because she went out of money in 2004 shortly after she started.

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She was, however, later able to start it again and although this time she still didn’t charge a fortune, she was able to sustain her business and become quite rich for. The mistress hunter is also very popular for it by different names including Ernai Shashou. That said, she still offers her services very cheap for women who have no money to seek legal redress against their cheating husbands.

  1. The risks and danger involved

In china, the rate of infidelity is extremely high, just as the cases of divorce as a result of cheating. Because of this, the mistress killer and groups like hers are always hired to follow a lot of people of different status and ideology. This opens them up to a lot of danger. Another thing is that sometimes the cheating men may be involved in even more crimes that she would stumble on.

Apart from the personal danger, the government has banned such services as the one she offers.


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