You Don’t Know About These Anti Rape Devices, Do You?

Rape is a menace that affects both the third world and developed nations of the world. It is known that children and adults, male and female are raped daily with the majority being female. Sadly, society has put a lot of blame on the victims rather than the perpetrators of this dastardly and criminal act. To this regards, several persons have designed self-defense devices aimed at giving power over to the victim. Here’s a list of 10 of this ‘awesome’ anti rape devices:

1. DrinkSavvy

This is a straw and glassware line designed to change color if a date rape drug has been put in a drink. These set of products look no different from the normal cups, straws, stirrers, and glassware and can’t be detected by anyone until the color changes. None of these products have come into the market yet since its intended date of release in December 2013.

2. SHE

This is the anti-rape bra also called the Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE). It is a sexy lingerie fitted with a GPS system and pressure sensors. It is designed to pass electric shock to anyone who tries to molest the wearer. Then it goes ahead to send the cops a signal.

3. The Rape-Axe

This is designed like a female condom and is a latex sheet with sharp, inward barbs/teeth. It was inspired by a rape victim who said she wished she had teeth down there during the act. This led Dr. Sonette Ehlers, a South African doctor to invent this condom which attaches to the penis of the perpetrator and hurt him if he tries to remove it or pee. The man would need the help of a doctor to remove it via surgery thereby turning himself in. It was unveiled in South Africa on August 31, 2005. This condom was also designed to prevent Pregnancy and STDs.

4. FemDefence Tampon

This is a defense mechanism which was made and tested in collaboration with the expertise of a Gynaecologist. It is worn into the vagina just like a tampon and has a sharp pin at the mouth which is meant to penetrate into the penis. It is however designed to not injure the bearer.

5. Anti-molestation jacket

This jacket made of denim and acrylic detects ‘unwanted’ advances and discharges electricity of 110 volts using the idea of a stun gun. This 2004 design is aimed at catching the man unawares. It was developed by Nishant Priya and Shahzad Ahmadat, two students of the Indian National Institute of Fashion Technology.

6. Samiidha Bhavani

This multi-purpose 9-inch rod is extendable to reveal a strobe light, a pepper spray, a distress knife and siren, a GPS locator etc. This was dubbed a perfect weapon for women who might find themselves in dangerous situations.

It has been argued that these devices may only delay the act and cause the victim to be beaten and more forcefully violated rather than stopping the act totally.

7. Killer Tampon

In 2002, 72-year-old Jaap Haumann designed this early prototype of a tampon. With its guillotine blade, it was designed to decapitate an intruding penis if sprung, leading to a minor penectomy. It also causes no harm to the wearer.

8. Hairy Leggings

This peculiar contraption was designed with the aim of reducing rape due to enticing looks of the woman. It is a hairy legging meant to be worn by women and dispel men. However, it was said that these leggings brought some men’s fantasy to life and rape might just be business as usual or more!

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9. The injection

Ira Sherman is the brain behind this Renaissance looking device. It has two syringes fitted to deliver dye and sedative respectively. The first barb goes into the penis, temporarily incapacitating the rapist while the second gives him a permanent mark by aid of the dye.

10. Anti-rape Underwear

This underwear is more practical than lethal. Its elastic belt is fitted with a lock and the material cannot be cut with either a scissor or knife. It is useful in giving the victim more time to get help her way.

Meanwhile, it is worthy of note that none of these designs have ever been marketed commercially. Also of interest is the fact that none of these devices were geared for the protection of potential male rape victims. These prove that the best form of anti-rape device is education: educating the society that sex isn’t a thing of force. Rape is a criminal offense against man and the society at large and must be stopped!

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