8 crazy things people have done after winning The Lottery

You will hardly ever understand the crazy things people have done after winning the lottery or why they did them, but you can trust that many in the past have done really dumb and crazy stuff and many in the future would do the same. Now, I am not talking about going broke again, even though many of us would swear never to go broke again after hitting the million dollar jackpot.

Interestingly enough, you will come to find out that age doesn’t really count as to the carelessness with which people who have lost their money after winning the lottery. Both young and old have done very crazy things that they wouldn’t normally do if they had worked for the money, and after blowing it off, some of them have revealed that their lives are much easier without the money.

13 Crazy Things People Have Done After Winning The Lottery


1. Evelyn Adams (Lost to Gambling)

Evelyn Adams

The luxury of winning the lottery doesn’t come to many people, and winning it twice is mostly unheard of. Well, Evelyn Adams didn’t just win it but got to win it twice, in 1985 and 1986. Even though the massive gambler took home close to $6 million in combined earnings she soon lost her money to foolish generosity and gambling. Interestingly, before the year 2000, she was not only broke but without a home.

2. Gerald Muswagon (Partying)

Gerald Muswagon

In 1998, Muswagon won a jackpot of $10 million in the Super 7 jackpot lottery. The life of the man immediately changed as he decided to pamper himself with a new house and a new car, and he bought new cars for his friends. Although he tried making a few investments, the man decided to put even more money into partying and drinking. Apart from that, he couldn’t seem to stay off crime as he had himself slugging it out with the law at different times. Soon enough, the man was without money and his life took a turn for the worse. Because of this, he decided to end it all by hanging himself in 2017.

3. Viv Nicholson (clothes)

Viv Nicholson

Vivian Nicholson decided to do things completely different from almost all others after winning the lottery. Immediately she won the lottery in 1951, she didn’t hide the fact that she wanted to spend all her earnings of living the good luxurious life. The only thing was that the luxurious life for her was all about clothes and it was into it that she spent a large chunk of the £152,319 she won together with her husband. The money which today is valued at over £3 million almost completely ran out before her husband died. Because he was the one who actually won the lottery, she later lost all she had to his estate, but she was to later win back £34,000 only to lose it in wild spending and legal fees among other things. Soon she, like others, was forced to declare for bankruptcy. It was on 11 April 2015 that she died.

4. Michael Carroll (fashion, booze, party)

Michael Carroll

If you ever come by the name “King of Chavs” of “Lotto Lout”, this is the man. He was so fortunate in November 2002, or maybe unfortunate to hit upon a jackpot that made him close to 10 million pounds rich when he was only 19, at a time when he didn’t even have a bank account. Immediately he got the money his lifestyle changed massively and he began a spending spree on almost everything that came by his way.

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The man spent massively on booze, new houses, partying, hookers, drugs, and everything else that makes the life of a celebrity. Oh and he also said he gave out as much as £4 million to family and friends, but many weren’t even satisfied. More so, he wasn’t clear of crime, as he was jailed twice in respect to drugs offenses and affray.by 2011, the King of Chavs had already blown his money away and was looking to restart life. That forced him to get a job in a biscuit factory an later to a slaughterhouse.

5. Jonathan Vargas (Wrestling)

Jonathan Vargas

When Jonathan Vargas won a $35 million jackpot in 2008, he immediately knew he was going to do something great for his mother, and he bought a house for her.  Next, he decided to employ an accountant, a lawyer, and a financial consultant. Another great thing. The next thing that he did after winning the lottery was to buy his own wrestling show as he wanted to go into female wrestling promotion. The show which was called Wrestlicious wasn’t your normal kind of wrestling as it had semi-clothed women fighting for the prize, and ironically, it had some comedy in it. Unfortunately, many people took it as a joke and the whole thing sank. Jonathan Vargas hit the jackpot when he was only 19, and before the age of 21, the man had already lost it all.

6. Abraham Lee Shakespeare (Lost it to Dorice “Dee Dee” Moore)

Abraham Lee Shakespeare

This was supposed to be a collection of crazy things people have done after winning Lottery, but the case of Shakespeare is different, and actually like a tragedy from the works of William. Abraham Lee won $30 million. He was a casual laborer aged 40 when he won the big money in 2006. Soon afterward, he was paid $17 million, but then he came upon a woman, Dorice “Dee Dee” Moore who promised she was going to help him with his finances. By 2009, the man who was illiterate was nowhere to be found, but his friends and people close to him kept receiving text messages purportedly from him. Investigations began in search of him, and it was later discovered that the man was dead and buried in Moore’s backyard, and it was she who had been using his house and sending messages to his friends. She was convicted of the man’s murder in 2012 and was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. By this time, the entire money was gone.

7. Callie Rogers (Breast Implants and Drugs)

Callie Rogers

Callie was only 16 when she won £1.9 million in the UK Lotto in 2003, making the youngest winner in the United Kingdom. The moment she hit the cash, the girl went wild and decided soon enough that her breasts could be made much better, leading her to spend £11,500 on two boob jobs. Like most other winners, she hit the roads on a spending spree, buying cars, clothes, and as much as quarter a million on drugs. Soon, she was left with only £2,000 in her bank account, and attempted committing suicide twice.

8. Jose Antonio Cua-Toc: Gave Ticket to his boss to cash for him

Jose Antonio Cua-Toc

Not many people would ever think to give their bosses their winning lottery ticket to cash it out for them, but that is the exact thing that Jose Antonio Cua-Toc. Because you rush to call him dumb, the man was actually in a fix because he was an illegal immigrant into the United States and he was scared if he tried cashing the money himself he would be caught. The result is that his boss, Erick Cervantes, didn’t only claim the money for himself and his family, but he also ensured that the 27-year-old from Guatemala was locked for a falsified terroristic charge. Thanks to his lawyer, Antonio Cua-Toc was able to reclaim both freedom and his money ($750,000), even though his boss had already spent a large chunk of it, with only $300,000 remaining of the lottery funds.

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