Horrifying Real-life Instances Of Demonic Possessions

Based on a true life story – this phrase in a demon-possessing horror movie tends to increase the intense feeling of fear. Oftentimes, it sends the mind wandering on the reality of these terrifying and bone-chilling scenes. What our mind doesn’t fathom is the excruciating agony that the ‘victims’ of these demonic possessions have to endure.

In Biblical times, a possessed man was freed of his trouble by Jesus. The man lived among tombs and hills where he constantly inflicted harm on himself. On the day he was freed, he saw Jesus from afar ran to him and begged not to be tortured. The demon described itself as legion. Harkening to his request, Jesus cast the legion into a herd of pigs feeding nearby which rushed into a river and drowned.

For many, it is still left to reason if truly this possession and others recorded in the Christain’s book happened or not. Are demonic possessions real? This is one of the many questions to which man may never get a perfect response. Well, be the judge of that as you go through this list, they are real-life instances of demonic possessions.

1. Annaliese Michel Believed She Was Possessed By Nero, Hitler, Cain, Judas Iscariot and Lucifer

Annaliese Michel, a German girl, at the age of sixteen suddenly blacked out in school and moved about in a trance-like state. This repeated on a more severe note a year later forcing her to seek medical help in a Neurologist. She was promptly diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy and appropriate medications prescribed. She went on to attend the University of Würzburg.

However, her medications failed and as her condition became worse, she came to believe that she was possessed by a demon. She became extremely delusional and at a point even licked her pee off a floor and bit off the head of a dead bird.

With help from her mother, an exorcism was arranged and performed in ‘total secret’ as directed by Bishop Josef Stangl, the local Bishop. Ernst Alt and Arnold Renz, both Priests, performed sixty-seven exorcisms on her within ten months. She believed that her possessing spirits were Nero, Hitler, Cain, Judas Iscariot and Lucifer. On the first of July, 1976, Annaliese passed on due to dehydration and malnutrition rather than ‘possession’ as she had stopped eating.

Her death led to the two priests being found guilty of manslaughter resulting from negligence. Her parents’ penalties were overlooked as they were judged to have suffered enough. Her story is told in the popular movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

2. The Demon Murder Trial

When Arne Cheyenne Johnson started displaying an unstable behavioral pattern from childhood, his parents went on to consult demonologists in a bid to find a solution since they suspected that he was possessed by a demon. Years later in 1981, his lawyers cited this during the plea for pardon when he found himself in court.

He was arraigned for the murder of Alan Bono, his Landlord. His lawyers failed to convince the judge that Johnson’s action was induced by a demonic possession rather than a psychological disorder earning him a five-year sentence in place of a ten to twenty-year sentence. The trial went on to be called the “Demon Murder Trial” as it was the first of its kind.

3. Forty Demons Left Michael Taylor But The Demon Of Murder Remained

Michael Taylor began to act crazily when he was accused of having an affair with Robinson by his wife, Marie. This was during a meeting of the Christian prayer group to which they belonged, which weirdly was led by Robinson. He suddenly began to curse and act entirely out of character making people believe that he was possessed.

Forty demons were reportedly exorcised from him several months later and the task took twenty-four hours. The Priests, however, warned him severely that the demon of murder wasn’t exorcised. This demon apparently came out to play when Taylor got home as he killed his wife and dog. For reason of insanity, he was acquitted during his court hearing.

4. And Doris Harris Was Raped And Impregnated By Demons

David Labiosa broke his arm on the set of the movie, The Entity while playing the role of Brian, Doris Harris’ son. The scene being re-enacted at the time was one where Brian broke his arm following an attack. This was just one of several terrifying attacks for the family.

The attacks saw Doris being raped and beaten viciously by unseen men, with bruises as proof. Their Culver City home in California was said to be possessed by some violent ghosts.

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Future residents of the home never reported a strange occurrence or any form of demonic possessions. Yet the Harris’ family insists that the torture was real for them. Doris even claimed to have been impregnated during one of the attacks. It is unclear what became of the pregnancy.

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