Krishna Sen: This Woman Posed as Man, Marries Two Women for Dowry

The case of dowry payment in India has actually become a rather serious problem. While a few weeks ago a man stole his wife’s kidney because her family wouldn’t pay him her dowry, it is again reported that a woman from the country’s Uttar Pradesh state Krishna Sen spent the last four years posing as a man posed as a man for the sole purpose of deceiving women into marrying her and collecting dowry.

In the stated years, Krishna who had always been a bit of a tomboy had deceived successfully married two women whom she harassed for bride price.

It was in 2013 that she decided to exploit from her life of a tomboy by taking a male persona on social media which made it easy for her to approach women in hopes of starting a romantic relationship with them. Krishna took to dressing like men. She had her hair cut and in place of her name, she picked Sweety Sen. Thanks to all these she was able to get two women to marry her and soon afterward she began harassing their families for dowry.

Krishna Sen

Krishna Sen Posing as Sweety Sen (Image Source)

Since starting in 2013, it was until 2014 that Sen got the first victim after he was able to convince a woman Kamini into marriage. Sen told the unfortunate woman that he was a son of a businessman from Aligarh. Before long, Sen traveled to meet his catch, Kamini who was a businesswoman in from the city of Haldwani. In the same year, they got married and Krishna immediately began abusing the supposed wife, drinking, smoking, and putting pressure on Kamini’s family to pay for the dowry.

He got his next victim in 2016 when he convinced and married another woman, Nisha, from Kaladhungi town in the state of Uttarakhand. However, things didn’t move smoothly this time around as Misha soon found out her new husband was in fact, a woman. So as not to spill, Krishna paid her some money while she continued abusing Kamini who soon got tired and involved the police. It was this arrest that led Sent to confess that he was a woman.

During interrogation, Sweet Sen revealed that to keep things hidden, the only time he made love to his wives was in total darkness and it was all successful thanks to sex toys. A medical examination also confirmed that it was true.

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Speaking to the ANI News Agency, Misha said “We were married for two years, I found the truth about her later. I did not register a complaint. I don’t want to live with her now.”

Although Krishna Sen didn’t face any domestic abuse charges since she was technically the union couldn’t be seen as a marriage, she was charged with impersonation, fraud, and forgery and sent to Haldwani jail.

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