Meet The Filipino Man Who Lived On A Coconut Tree For 3 Years

How the Filipino man managed to survive the three years – day in, day out – he spent on the coconut tree is still a mystery to many people.

In fact, most have dismissed this story as a hoax as it’s impossible for someone to live on a tree for three years. There’s no way to explain and make-real the story, it’s simply not possible, right?

Anyway, we’re as well, unwilling to believe this story. Three years is a long time. But, everything we know has suggested that this actually happened; the Filipino Man lived on the tree through the sun, wind, rain, and storm for over 1000 days.

From what the gathered, the 47-year-old Man from La Paz, a municipality in Agusan del Sur province of the Philippines climbed the 60-foot coconut tree near his home in 2014 and has refused to get down until authorities decided to forcefully bring him down. It is said that the man, Gilbert Sanchez found solace in the tree after he was struck on the head with a gun during a scuffle.

His mother detailed that Gilbert decided to make the tree his home because he was afraid someone would kill him after the gun incident. He believed that making the tallest tree around his home is the best way to protect himself. Thus, he climbed the coconut tree and refused every plea to climb down.

While he does relieves himself from the treetop, his mum brought him food and water every day. Gilbert would pull the nourishment up with an improvised rope.

This went on for many, many days (3 years) until big media houses in the Philippines reported the story. It is said that the news outlets coverage of the story inspired authorities to forcefully bring the man down from the tree.

A team sent to bring the man down had to bring the tree down with a chainsaw. The difficult mission could have cost Gilbert his life if it had gone wrong. Things went as planned and the man once again, touched the ground.

Though his body was riddled with insect bites and blisters, the biggest damage was done to his mind. Psychiatrists diagnosed that the man has symptoms of psychosis and is suffering delusions and hallucinations.

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