People Who Have Been Reincarnated: Are These Stories Real Or A Hoax?

People who have been reincarnated (as they claim) have stories to back up their claims which are rather surreal if not that they most times, correspond to real life events. An unimaginable number of persons have memories of a past life with some going on to ‘luckily’ identifying their former selves. These memories include family members, recognition of important events and landmarks, and the manner of death of their past selves.

It is very interesting to note that most of these stories come from children with very clear and vivid recollections; these memories, however, are said to fade as years went by. Adults have been said to have a not-so-clear memory of their past lives. Some striking stories about people who have been reincarnated are included in this article:

1. Baby Sam Was His Own Granddad

18-month-old Sam Taylor looked up as his father was changing his diaper and said ‘When I was your age, I used to change your diaper’. This began a revelation of details about his grandfather whom he always claimed to be him. On several occasions at the age of four, he was presented with his grandfather’s pictures and he said ‘That is me’. He was even able to recognize ‘himself’ in his grandfather’s old school class picture of seventeen boys. He also had stories to tell which his father insisted had never been mentioned in his presence such as his grandfather’s sister being murdered and dumped in a river.

2. Kevin Came Back As His Younger Brother

Patrick Christenson was born in March 1991 with several resembling features of his elder brother, Kevin, who died twelve years earlier of cancer at the age of two years and three weeks. Kevin began showing signs of cancer six months before he died. He had a limp while walking and soon broke his leg from a fall. A small nodule was found just above his right ear in his scalp upon carrying out a biopsy and this proved that he had metastatic cancer. Several tumors were also seen growing in different parts of his body. Two significant occurrences were blindness due to a growth in his left eye and scars on the right-hand side of his neck following chemotherapy.

Patrick had a slanting birthmark synonymous with Kevin’s scar at the right side of his neck. He also had a cloudy left eye and a small nodule on his scalp and walked with a limp. At the age of four, he asked to be taken back to their old house which was an old orange and brown house where Kevin actually lived with their parents. These shreds of evidence were just too real to be true.

3. Luke Died A Female And Returned A Male

Luke Ruehiman told his mom that he had been a girl in his past life until he died and went up to heaven where he saw God who eventually pushed him back to earth. He said he woke up as a baby and was called Luke. Erica, his mom, had been forced to ask if he knew Pam to which she got the above reply.

Luke had beforehand named his toys ‘Pam’. This seemed strange but it got stranger when he started insisting that he had lived in Chicago as a girl where a fire happened and in jumping out of a window had died. This corresponded perfectly to how Pam Robinson died in March 1993. His mom was certain that she had never discussed any of those details with him, neither had he been to the city of Chicago before.

4. The Return Of Pollack’s Twin Girls

May 5, 1957, was a gloomy day for John and Florence Pollack as they lost their twin girls, Joanna and Jacqueline, in a car accident. They were relieved the following year as they had another set of twin girls, identical, and named them Gillian and Jennifer. Jennifer had a similar birthmark on her waist to that of Jacqueline and one resembling Jacqueline’s scar on her forehead.

The twin girls soon began to request for specific toys which belonged to their deceased elder sisters and sharing memories of their past lives. They also displayed a huge fear of moving cars always crying that ‘the car was coming to get them’. Fortunately, at the age of five, the memories faded away and they lived normal lives as adults.

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5. Marilyn Monroe, The Late American Actress Is Now Living As Chris Vicens 

Chris Vicens is 100% sure that he is Marilyn Monroe reincarnated. His conviction began during a therapy session where he had apparently revealed to his therapist who he was. He said that in the course of five sessions with Fiona Childs, his therapist, he had learned a lot about Norma Jean a.k.a Marilyn Monroe of which he had no previous knowledge. This convinced him that he is a reincarnated version of her.

A notable author, Alexander Cannon, amongst others, has researched and written on reincarnation in his book, “The Power Within”. However, despite all the documentation and researches carried out, supporting and refuting these reincarnation stories, we may never be able to tell for sure if reincarnation is a reality.

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