Get Married or Get Jailed: Strange Prison Sentences Handed To Offenders

When an individual commits a criminal offense and is arrested, what is expected to follow is a series of processes. These include getting booked or processed (and being placed in a police station holding cell), possibly posting bail and arraignment. An offender could either be found guilty or not. Once found guilty, a sentence follows varying from as long as 162 life sentences (to one person!) to as bizarre as eating only bread and water for two days. These sentences define ‘bizarre’,  but are only some of the strange prison sentences handed to offenders.

1. Betina Young Gets Five Christmases In Jail

Once upon an Ohio judge, Betina Young was sentenced to five Christmases in jail following her conviction of a scam involving driver’s license for illegal immigrants. A condition of probation and being jailed for 15 years if she defaults jail time or probation was attached. A slice of prison for Christmas, if I may say!

2. Drunk Driving Incident Ends In 10 Years Sentence To Church

Tyler Alred, 17, got sentenced to 10 years of church during which he must have graduated from high school, graduated from welding school, taken drug, nicotine and alcohol tests for a year, worn a drug and alcohol bracelet and participated in the victim’s impact panel. Definitely a bizarre sentence by Judge Mike Norman for a drunk driving accident which led to a first-degree murder.

3. Teens Sentenced To Sorry-For-The-Jackass-Offense March

Judge Michael A. Cicconetti of Painesville Municipal Court sentenced two 19-year-old teens to marching around the village with a donkey vividly bearing an apology that stated ‘Sorry for the jackass offense’. Brian Patrick and Jessica Lange had earlier stolen and defaced the baby Jesus statue used in the nativity scene of a church in Fairport Harbor. They also got 45 days imprisonment as well as completing drug and alcohol counseling and replacing the stolen statue.

4. 60 Days Jail Time Or Walk The Walk Of Shame

When Jason Householder, 23, and John Stockum, 21, threw beer bottles at a woman in a car, they sure weren’t thinking of wearing dresses, shoes, and wigs and walking through downtown Coshocton. Judge David Hostetler did a fast one on them and gave them either that or a 60 days jail time. Your guess is as good as mine; they chose the dresses.

5. Too Short For Prison

Richard Thompson Image Source

Richard W. Thompson, 50, was found guilty of sexually molesting a 12-year-old girl, yet all he got was a 10-year probation as Judge Kristine Cecava considered him too short for prison. What? I know right! Well, she was removed from the bench two years later.

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6. You Are Hereby Sentenced To No Girlfriend

After molesting his ex-girlfriend, Steven Cranley, 24, was restrained from entering a romantic relationship with a female for 3 years. He was made to undergo counseling during the period as he had been declared to have difficulties with coping with rejection by doctors. He, however, ended with a two year jail time for assaulting a female acquaintance, halfway through the ‘sentence’.

7. And Judge Restiano Sent His Entire Courtroom To Jail

In 2005, New York Judge Robert Restiano got all of the 46 persons in his courtroom to jail. Apparently, a mobile phone rang and it triggered something in his ‘troubled’ mind. 32 of them were able to place bail and the rest shackled off to another facility. They were all previously convicted of domestic violence and were in the courtroom for counseling and weekly alcohol and substance abuse monitoring. The press, however, got a whiff of it and prompted the ‘prisoners’ release. Judge Restiano was later removed from the bench.

8. Josten Bundy Had To Marry His Girlfriend Or…

Josten Bundy and Elizabeth Haynes (Image Source)

It was this that inspired this piece on strange prison sentences. As recent as 2015, Josten Bundy was sentenced to either marry his girlfriend or spend time frolicking in jail. This was punishment for assaulting his girlfriend, Elizabeth Jaynes’ ex-boyfriend. In addition, he was to seek counseling and keep a journal of biblical verses.

9. Landlady Florence Got To Feel What Her Tenants Felt

Florence Nyemitei, a lousy landlady, had a taste of her bitter pill when she was forced to spend four nights a week for 6o days in the freezing and electricity-lacking living condition she subjected her tenants to. She as well got a fine of $10,000. Although bizarre, White Plains City Court Judge JoAnn Friia did well on this one.

10. 3 Days On Bread And Water For Melissa Dawn

Melissa Dawn Sweeney, 28, got thrown into prison for 30 days with 3 days on only bread and water. This was for gross animal neglect which led to one of her horses being euthanized. Judge Mike Peters felt it was justice enough for the horse. Do you think so?

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