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While in one part of the world many people are having a problem finding life partners, on another, there are people that have married 9 times or even more. More so, there are many that are struggling to keep just a partner, but some of these people are able to maintain close to 100 partners all together at once.

Among the people that happen to be polygamous in nature, there are some that have done it citing a divine assignment, while others just do it because they can do it. Others still do it because they believe the grass is greener with the other person or in the next marriage. There are of course others that do it simply for love, or something like it, and others that do it for the money.

Meet 9 People That Have Married 9 Times and even More

Ron Sheppard

People That Have Married 9 Times

Ron Sheppard and Cristel Marques (Image Source)

Ron Sheppard is regarded as Britain’s most married man. At age 69, the man has already married 8 women and he was ready to go for the ninth wife, only for her to later ditch him for another man. It was in 1966 that the man married his first wife, Margaret. The pair had three children before it ended in a divorce.

The next woman he got married to was in 1973. The marriage which he described as a business transaction only survived a year before it ended. His next six marriages were in 1976 (Lesley), 1982 (Kathy), 1986 (Sue), 1999 (Usha), 2003 (Wan), and 2004 (weng). His last marriage lasted until 2015 before it ended.

After all these marriages failed, Ron Sheppard believed it was because he didn’t find real love, but with his new woman whom he was hoping would be the wife number 9, Cristel Lalec, he had found real love. That is even when the woman who was Filipino was only 28 years old. The two got engaged in December 2015, but she later dumped him for another man, he suspected. In anger, the man decided to call the immigration on her since she was staying in Britain illegally.

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The first time Ron Sheppard got married was when he was only 19. Today he has more than six children from all his marriages and he also has grandchildren. What is more is that he is a great-grandfather.

Liana Barrientos

People That Have Married 9 Times

Liana Barrientos (Image Source)

If you had always thought only men make up the list of people that have married 9 times or more, you are really wrong. Different from most things you will ever see, Liana Barrientos is a serial bride who has married as much as 10 men in 11 years.

Now 42, the woman who has been nicknamed the “I do” fraudster didn’t marry all the men for the fun of it. Instead, she walked down the aisles in a migration scam that saw her marry all the men from different countries.

While most others on the list married for their insatiable desires or something else, she married to help the men get the green card. Each of the marriage fetched her between $5,000 to $10,000 which she believed was better than stripping or selling drugs.

The Bronx bride began her marriage spree in 1999 when she married a man, Mohamed Gebril. By 2002, the two broke up and in that same year, she ended up marrying 5 times. During some of the marriages, she couldn’t even recall the complete names of the husbands.

She was arrested for the marriage scam but escaped 4 years behind bars.

Ziona Chana

People That Have Married 9 Times

Ziona Chana and some of his wives (Image Source)

Although there are families that are larger than that of Chana, he is regarded as the man with the largest family in the world. The north-eastern Indian family is made up of as much close to 200 members including wives, children, daughter-in-laws, and grandchildren.

Ziona Chana got married to 39 women. He tied the knot to his first wife when he was only 15, and that was in 1959. From then on, he continued marrying more women until 2004 when he married the last one at the age of 60. From these women, he got 94 children and 33 grandchildren. That, however, was as at 2011.

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Born on July 21, 1945, Chana who is also known as the father of the largest family living houses his entire family in a 100-room, four storey house that is located in the hills of Baktwang village in the Indian state of Mizoram.

Chana ensures that the family lives in a communal manner and his wives take turns to share his bed. There was a single year that he got married to 10 women. What is more interesting is that he is the head of a sect that believes a man can take as many wives as he pleases. The sect has up to four thousand followers.

As a result of the size of his family, each election season sees politicians visiting him to solicit for the votes of his family.

Alistah Laishkochav

People That Have Married 9 Times

Alistah Laishkochav (Image Source: cdn.newsapi.com)

Alistah Laishkochav is completely different from most men you will ever get to see. The father of actress, Keira Maguire Laishkochav is a convicted cult leader, polygamist, and pedophile. He saw himself as some sort of a messiah.

The man got married to 9 women who gave him more than 60 children. Controlling his own exclusive cult known as the seaside sect at Bells Beach, Laishkochav was able to convert some people who joined his wives as members of the sect. It was found that he always prowled through the house in the night seeking out and molesting youngsters.

Born Ian Lowe, Laishkochav was a police officer before leaving. After marrying his 9 wives, they all became very faithful to him, and they took turns to sleep with him each night. However, the case of domestic violence and child abuse that he got involved in in 1993 led to his jailing and subsequent death.

Warren Steed Jeffs

People That Have Married 9 Times

Warren Steed Jeffs and some of his wives (Image Source)

Just as with some other men that can’t stop marrying many women, there is a religious undertone to this. Warren Steed Jeffs is a religious leader and a preacher as well as the President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church). Before he was arrested and jailed for life for two felony counts of child sexual assault, the man didn’t only marry many wives, but he encouraged his radical followers to also marry at least 3 women.

Warren got married to close to 80 wives who were all young women. He had a mansion where he kept all his wives among whom is a 15-year-old girl that had a child for him. 29 of his wives used to be his stepmothers as he inherited them from his father, Rulon Jeffs. 24 were under the age of 17, and 56 were sisters.

Saleh al-Sayeri

People That Have Married 9 Times

Saleh al-Sayeri

The case of this Saudi man became popular in 2005 when it was reported that he has married 50 women in 58 years. The interesting thing about this man who revealed that he loves getting married is that he always has 4 wives as permitted by Islam. For him to be able to marry newer wives he is always divorcing the last wife.

For his first three wives who at the time have been with him for between 18 to 40 years, he said they were the favorite ones and even though he loves to get married each year, he wasn’t going to divorce any of them to bring in new women.

From the unending marriage, the man had 10 sons and over 20 daughters. He wasn’t sure of the number of daughters he had or the names of all the wives he had married. Accused of treating women like clothes to be changed often, Saleh al-Sayeri said he has spent over a million dollars in marriage and divorce settlements. The last known person he married was a 14-year-old girl.

Winston Blackmore

People That Have Married 9 Times

Winston Blackmore and some of his daughters (Image Source)

Regarded as “Canada’s best-known avowed polygamist”, Blackmore is a leader of a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist group. He was born on August 25, 1956, and by 2016, he had already had up to 25 wives and over 145 children.

Blackmore’s first wife is Jane Blackmore, and after her, he continued marrying more women in what is described in his religion as celestial marriages. Jane who was later divorced from Blackmore revealed that she grew up as a member of the church and it was a prophet of the church that revealed to her that she was to marry Winston Blackmore after her father took her to see the prophet.

Blackmore was arrested because of polygamy which is considered a crime in Canada. However, when he was found guilty of the charges in the country’s Supreme Court, together with another former Bishop of the sect like himself who also married many wives, James Oler, he insisted that he was only being persecuted for his religious beliefs.

Bello Maasaba

Ranking 7 on the list of men with most children is this Nigerian, Bello Maasaba. A Muslim, the man has been married to 86 women. The religion only allowed for him to marry four women, as such when it was reported in Nigeria that he had this large number of wives, the Emirate Council of Bida where he came from scolded him and asked him to divorce 82 of the women so as not to tarnish the image of the religion but he refused. This is even after he was promised that the wives would be taken care of by the state Sharia Commission while the children would be taken care of by the welfare board.

On 15th of September 2008, he was arrested and charged with insulting or exciting to contempt of religious creed, deceitfully inducing belief of lawful marriage. He was also accused of unlawfully keeping 86 women. His arrest was on the orders of the Niger state government.

While in detention, one of his wives who was a daughter of a former minister, Hajiya Hafusat Bello led the other wives and children to protest his arrest.
“Nobody in the family of baba is complaining; I have been married to baba for over 20 years with four children and without any problem and I can also tell you that none of us the wives or children is complaining or lacking anything,” she said. The man was later released.

At the time of his death in 2017, he had 130 wives, 7 of whom are pregnant, and 203 children.

Linda Wolfe

People That Have Married 9 Times

Linda Wolfe (Image Source)

Born Linda Lou Taylor, Wolf came to be known as the most married woman in the world after she has successfully married up to 23 men. Also a serial divorcee, the woman has divorced all of them and was even looking for a 24th husband. That was in 2009 and she was 68 years old.

The first time the woman married was when she was 16 years old and that was tons man called George Scott who was then, in 1957, 31 years old. The marriage survived for 7 years before it ended. 22 men later, this was the most successful marriage that she would ever have.

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On the list of the men she married were men of almost all kinds. She married a preacher, convict who had an eye, two men that turned out to be homosexual, a wife beater, and so on. While 7 years was the longest time she spent in a marriage, the shortest was 36 hours. Interestingly, there was a man, Jack Gourley, that she got married to 3 times.

Having spent a very long time without getting married, the serial bride revealed that she is missing walking down the aisle hence she was looking for the next man to marry

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