Insane Baby And Maternity Gadgets: Did You Know Babies Tweet From The Womb?

Carrying a child in your womb for 9 months isn’t one of the easiest things in the world to do but for continuity of life, it is necessary. It is said that the sight of the tiny bundle of joy pushes all the pains associated right out of the mind. Anyway, technology is also doing its quota to make the journey of motherhood easier. However, some innovations are so hilarious, they move right on to insane (most times in a good way). Here’s a list of some of the craziest baby and maternity gadgets.

1. BabyPlus Prenatal Education System

People are getting their Ph.D.’s at a younger age daily, so why waste time? This $138 gadget helps your child begin the learning process from the womb using audio lessons. It is said to make infants more responsive and sound sleepers in the long run, so yay or nay?

2. Kickbee

If fetuses can learn, they sure can have Twitter handles and tweet using Kickbee. The expectant mother just has to slip the band of material around her abdomen and every time the baby kicks, the sensors send out a tweet. Now, this is all shades of crazy, isn’t it?

3. Labor Pain Simulator

Labor is just downright exaggerated right? Well, here’s one to please women. This device is fitted to make a man feel what a woman in labor feels or rather just a fraction of it. Two Dutchmen, Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, tried it out as part of their show’s stunts.

They had electrodes which stimulate labor pains attached to their stomachs and they got contractions. They felt it for 2 hours straight as opposed to the average labor time of 12-14 hours and they sure felt it! Maybe dads can go through labor alongside moms in a more realistic way now or not.

4. Baby Poop Alarm

Mothers just have a way of knowing when their little ones have done the nasty in their pants but to be doubly sure, say hello to the Baby Poop Alarm. It goes off the very minute the poop begins to drop. It’s attached outside a diaper and notifies you by light or sound.

5. iPotty

This combo of an adjustable iPod docking station and mini toilet is aimed at helping parents potty-train their kids. We know potty training can be difficult but so much so that your toddler needs a tablet to keep his butt glued to his potty? Whether parents key into this $40 ‘toilet or not, it sure seems crazy.

6. Bathroom Baby Harness

Imagine that you desperately need to use a bathroom while in public and you have no option than to tag your baby along but there’s no clean spot to drop him. That’s where this product comes in. All you need do is hang your baby to a wall using the harness and voila you’re free to pee. When you’re done pack up your now ‘infested’ harness into your maternity bag and be rest assured that your baby is safe (Sarcasm fully intended).

7. Baby Dumbbell

Does your baby feel shy and/or embarrassed about baby fat? Baby Dumbbell is here to your rescue. Your kid can now pump it away quite fast and achieve a great and fit body structure. This sounds depressing and thankfully, it’s just a joke. Baby Dumbbell is actually a lightweight rattle.

8. Zaky Bonding Hand Pillow

Babies love to cuddle and be touched. If you don’t have the time for this, why not buy an extra pair of hands and let Zaky do the work. That’s if you can endure the ripped-off hand look. I find this more creepy than crazy.

9. Baby Mop

This onsie allows you multi-task your baby. I mean, if he eats and crawls all over free space, he’s got to work too, right? The trick is to turn a blind eye to the germs he collects in the process. After all, work work work work work! You can’t leave this out anytime you’re making a list of baby and maternity gadgets to acquire, can you?

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10. Babypod

So music is good for the baby as it is good for the soul. While some mothers place speakers on their abdomen so their babies can groove along, Babypod is meant to do much more. It is inserted through the vagina to give the child a high sound quality. It is safe, FDA approved but up the vagina?

Well, you can find details on how to use Babypod here.

11. iPhone laugh and learn case

The world is gradually leaning to a phone/mobile gadgets induced sleep, so why not lull the babies along? This gadget seems to beg this question as it is a case for your baby’s iPhone that comes fully prepared with side rings to make it worth his time. So rather than bang this rattle-like gadget, your baby is supposed to operate an iPhone. Such a wonder! And craze!

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